A critical thinker and an intuitive feeler. I embrace the light and the darkness. I hunt to find stories, art, and film that are provocative and resonant, and I live to create experiences that are visceral. I'm adaptable, unafraid, and constantly craving new life experiences. I'm ready to roll up my sleeves and attack, rather than letting life pass me by.

My art is inspired by nature and I work almost exclusively with materials found in the wilderness. I work across all media and explore the themes of hunger, the hunt, and the energy cycle.

Food is a central driving force in my work. Exploring its place in different cultures as nourishment and sustenance, but also the meal as a shared experience, is a great entry point into learning about and understanding traditions and commune among groups of people. I'm inspired by the visceral and carnal elements inherent in cooking and preparing food, and find purpose in sharing it with others.


Mallory Lance is the founder, editor-in-chief and creative director of Ravenous Zine. A graduate of Barnard College at Columbia University, she began her career working her way up from Programming Intern to Program Operations Manager at The Tribeca Film Festival. After working as a senior editor at Regan Arts, an international publishing company, she started her own website and zine. Driven by an innate need to reconnect with the wild, underground, and fascinating worlds of discovery, she launched Ravenous Craft, a lifestyle destination for which she curates and conceptualizes workshops, private dinners, and tastings dedicated to unearthing the history behind craftsmanship that goes into food, drink, and plant medicine. She currently works as a Field Agent for Atlas Obscura in the realm of food and drink, and continues to produce events that fit this ethos while helming Ravenous Zine.